Price until Congress Bett Brasil - Primary Education
Master 4 days Package 3 days Package 2 days 1 day
28/February BRL 1.080,00 BRL 998,00 BRL 878,00 BRL 743,00
31/March BRL 1.268,00 BRL 1.178,00 BRL 1.065,00 BRL 923,00
30/April BRL 1.530,00 BRL 1.463,00 BRL 1.320,00 BRL 1.185,00
12/May BRL 1.793,00 BRL 1.740,00 BRL 1.598,00 BRL 1.403,00
  • Event access credential
  • Bag with congress material
  • Post-event participation certificate
  • Exclusive access to recorded content – post event
  • Access to selected lectures according to the selected day
  • Access to the exhibition area during the 4 days of the event
  • Access to Bett Startups
  • Access to the Book Release area and speakers' autographs
  • Access to the Ahead by Bett exhibition area – new higher education area
  • The Bett Congress credential does not give access to the Managers' Forum and the VIP area.
  • The credential is for personal use and non-transferable and must be presented whenever requested.
  • Access to the lecture will be prioritized according to prior choice and early arrival at the auditorium.
  • The auditoriums have limited capacity, with seats available 15 minutes after the beginning of the lecture.
  • Stay informed on the website and official channels of the event. Bett Brasil undertakes to inform all amendments and changes made by Congress on the website and social networks @bett.brasil

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